A Magic Land

Beaten by the Atlantic Ocean, forged in rock, sand and salt, the result of legends, for thousands of years end of the known world, this is A Costa da Morte
Many towns and villages are bathed by its waters, including Cee, where our hotel LA MARINA is located.

Since the Castrexa era, the town of Cee has been a simple and sailor town, dedicated to crafts and fishing, rooted in their customs and traditions; center of the commerce of the region, here you can enjoy not only its walks and routes around its surroundings and beaches, but visit its history, with beautiful vestiges of the past as its church, late Gothic style, the Pazo de Cotón, or the Castle of the Prince; and if the occasion occurs, participate in its festivities as the Virxe da Xunqueira, which according to legend, appeared in this area.