Corcubión is a Spanish municipality in the province of A Coruña, located on the edge of the estuary of the same name.

Corcubión sits on a small peninsula that, with a rectangular shape and surrounded by the municipality of Cee, penetrates the Atlantic Ocean between the Estorde cove and the estuary. In this small territory the highest reliefs are around 150 and 200 meters high, located in the center of the peninsula, from where they descend towards the sea. On the slope facing the south, sheltered from the winds and storms, the village of Corcubión extends.

Among the most outstanding historical and cultural heritage is the old town that represents a beautiful example of civil architecture of the seventeenth century, and the Town Hall, which dates from 1924.


  • San Marcos, April 25.
  • San Pedro, June 29.
  • A Virxe do Carme, July 16. In Corcubión,
  • Medieval Fair, third weekend of July.
  • A Virxe das Mercedes, September 24.

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