Ézaro is a Galician parish of the Spanish municipality of Dumbría, in the province of A Coruña and a locality of said parish. It is the only parish in the municipality that borders the sea, the Atlantic Ocean.
The town is 105 kilometers from A Coruña and is located in the area called Costa da Morte, specifically limiting it to the south.

The parochial term, of 13.2 km ² of extension, is crossed by the river Xallas, that ends at the sea in cascade.

According to the gazetteer of 2012, the parish had a registered population of 693 habitants, of whom 593 were in the town of Ézaro.

It has a promenade bordering its beaches, with gardens. In the moments when the floodgates of the reservoir open, you can enjoy the view of the waterfall at its highest point.

Monuments and places of interest:

Apart from the aforementioned waterfall and its promenade, Ézaro has a museum and in August you can attend a festival called “Festa da Praia” Beach Party.

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