Muxía is a Spanish municipality located in the province of A Coruña, autonomous community of Galicia. It belongs to the region of Finisterre.

Your cultural heritage:

Muxía has an important cultural heritage in which we can point as the predominant religious heritage of the Romanesque period with the churches of San Cristovo de Nemiña, San Xiao de Moraime, Santa Leocadia de Frixe Santa María de Morquintán, Santa María (the latter in style). transitional Romanesque) and San Martiño de Ozón (later transformed) among others. It also has two monasteries, the monastery of Moraime and the monastery of Santa María de Ozón.

But among all the religious buildings, the best known is the santuario Virxe da Barca for pilgrimage point from the eleventh or twelfth century, a pilgrimage that over time led to the current pilgrimage of the boat that combines celebrations so much religious as atheists in the village.

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